Jaggerbags' namesake act, Jagg(er)bags, is proud to release the first collaboration between a Brit and American, EVER! Really. The first one. Don't look at me that way.

Critics across the universe have hailed Jagg(er)bags self-titled debut effort as:

"A complete waste of time" - Wire
"Imagine being in a well lit, beige sensory-deprivation tank. That's right. It's boring and doesn't make any sense." - Rolling Stone
"I've got two pretty great words to describe this record: Fuck You." - Jeff Evans
"Musically equivalent to the heart rate of a frozen goldfish." - Kerrang
Side Paul Side Bruce
1. You Say A Guy, I Say Fellow 10. Can't Ignite A Brand Without A Spark
2. John Is Dead (Double Backwards Mix) 11. Back In The U.S.S.A
3. Ob La Keith Ob La Mick 12. Two Down Two To Go
4. At Least I'm Not Billy Joel Blues 13. Filthy Sax With Clarence
5. George Is Dead (Rusty Sitar Mix) 14. Kneeslides For Elton
6. Pour Me A Tea And A Shot Of Biscuit 15. No Bowie Rumors
7. No Crutches in Heaven (Yoko's 2 Healthy Legs) 16. Born In The ... Oh, Never Mind
8. Deathless Ringo Dilemma 17. Blue Collar Pose
9. When I'm 64 Again catalog inventory

Sad Little Piano Man
Living In Jaggertown
Collecting Liver Spots
Doo-wop Clusterfuck (with Phil Collins)
Charlie Watts, My Younger Brother
It's Still My Colostomy
Just The Way You Were
Scenes From A Home For The Infirm
Apparently, I'm Not Very Good (Only the Good? Really?)
She's Always A Nursemaid

Read What The Critics Have To Say

"The passage of time is a classic theme for older generation rockers. This record is about the passage of gas." - Billboard
"It smells like rubbing alcohol in here." - NME
"Musical stylings older than the pterodactyl jizz on Joel's chin" - Spin
"Now that I've heard this cd, I believe I know what it was like for Christy Brinkley to gargle Joel's dusty choad." - BBC Music
(review pending) - Ron Sone

Born To Run Everything
Down By The Dradle
57 Channels (And No Electricity)
Tenth Avenue Delicatessen
Don't Worry About It - Just Sign Here
Tunnel Of Latkes
What Am I? A Putz?
Don't Answer That

The Critics Agree:

"This is worse than when you killed Jesus" - Cream
"Born To Run Everything answers the question: Why are money-lenders bad?" - Hit Parader
(review pending) - Ron Sone

Rose Colored Asses
Candle In My ...
Brucie and the Jets
Can You Feel My Balls Tonight
Sir Paul Seems To Be The Hardest Words
I Guess That's Why I Ate All That Food
Don't Let Paul McCartney
Bonus Track: I Am One Bloated Motherfucker

Critical Acclaim for Sir Paul? Please.

"I can't stop thinking about goddamned cartoon lions." - Bear
"Once upon a time, there was a flamboyant brit who wrote inventive crowd pleasers for the masses. He died around 1978." - XY
"I feel like I've been fisted with Ray Cooper's timbales" - Butt
(review pending) - Ron Sone

All Out Of Product, All Out Of Time
Jeff Beck Stole Our Haircut (But Wouldn't Join The Band)
Don't You Mock My Stomach Pump
I'm Here Because Keith Refused Blues
Hairstyles Come And Go (Except Ours)
Mick Never Calls Me Anymore
Handbags and Gladrags
Hot Hair
Every Hairdo Tells A Story
We Still Think We're Sexy
Less Grey Hair Than Evans

The Word On The Street

"Assholes." - Details
"They used so many gems on their man jewelry that there were none left for the record." - Maxum
"Metrosexual tendencies aside, this record has no redeeming qualities." - GQ
"Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face. Good day to you, sirs." - Men's Health
"So much pain has not been inflicted upon foreigners by the UK since Apartheid." - BBC
(review pending) - Ron Sone